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The Maldives are a unique and extremely charming place, in particular its’ most vital component, the coral reefs. It is mainly thanks to this fundamental element of the oceans that guests of our Resorts can enjoy the incredible beauty of the reef. Its vital importance to the reef’s life is one of the main reasons why Planhotel Hospitality Group and its Diamonds Resorts in the Maldives decided to promote the “Coral Conservation Project”. The Projects’ purpose is to preserve the coral reefs and to create and encourage a responsible tourism, in collaboration with Mhare Center and Bicocca University.

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“To succeed we must be actors, not only spectators of these almost paradise lost!”

Coral reefs are suffering a worldwide decline. The imminent threat is to lose a fundamental resource which is vital for humans too. The continuous loss of biological and economical benefits from reefs due to their destruction emphasizes the need for preserving this ecosystem. Thus, the fast degradation of coral reefs has rised attention to remediation and restoration activities as a measure of conservation effort. Various approaches have been developed including artificial reefs structures, transplantation and the concept of “coral gardening”.


The Coral Conservation Project is based on the concept of coral gardening by means of underwater sheltered relocation.
In May 2015, Planhotel Hospitality Group started the project in partnership with the University of Milano-Bicocca and Marhe Center. The project has been introduced at Diamonds Thudufushi with the aim of the conservation efforts of the coral reefs. The project has since been extended to our sister island in the Maldives, Diamonds Athuruga.

The concept behind the coral conservation project is relatively easy: the collection of naturally (or by careless snorkelers!) broken fragments of coral which will be attached to a simple artificial structure specially designed for this purpose.

Corals are complex organisms, nevertheless, by providing them with needed stability, protection from sedimentation and predator pressure, we are able to increase their chance of survival in a tough environment. These conservation efforts are only effective if correctly associated with education and research which are the fundamental outline of our Project.


Here, we call you for assistance. By adopting a coral frame, you will actively participate in our conservation effort and with your donation you will support the ongoing education and research commitment.

You can now sponsor a frame directly online or once you visit our Diamonds Thudufushi Resort.

Once your frame is built we will send you monthly updates on your frame, along with some amazing pictures and facts. Furthermore, you will find an up to date series of articles on different and interesting topics related to our coral reef ecosystem. You will also be directly connected with the resident marine biologists for further information, for requesting particular topics of your interest for the articles, and any other questions.
In order to succeed in our effort for protecting coral reefs, we must be actors, not only spectators of these almost paradise lost!